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The Gypsy Dragon


Eons ago dragons ruled the earth. It was before the great flood that extinguished their fire forever. Their wanton, wild ways and mighty spirits were captured forever in the memory of the water. For it is the great oceans of the world that now embody their spirits. Wild and ferocious at times, kind and gentle at others, the dragons were forever lost in the seas rarely ever to be seen again.

That is, until the gypsies came upon the earth many thousands of years later. It is said that the first gypsy was born of a dragon’s egg on a mysterious isle just north of Atlantis.  She became the mother of all gypsies and passed the dragon DNA across the world. Her fearsome strength became legendary as the direct descendent of Linda, first born of Lindwurm, last of great fire breathing dragons.

It was one fine day in the summer of the new millennium that artist Emily Fouchard, a descendant of the gypsies herself, walked along the beaches of Avalon. She heard Linda call to her in a mysterious, melodious voice, not unlike that of Siren of Trinity Bay. And it was a roar from the surf. A steam rose from wood as if a fire that had just extinguished the flames of sea dragons. She was drawn, ever closer, to the sound and mist. She could see the Linda calling out to her. They were begging her to take her from the surf and give them back their life for all the world to see.

Emily accepted the challenge. She worked tirelessly, with directions from Linda and Lindwurm, to bring spirit and body back from the ocean. With driftwood from the ages the body was formed. With wings of fish bone, eyes of sea crystal and gown of ocean waves, the two became one – AGAIN.

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