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House Fairies Q&A

Q&A with Millo

Where do I place my fairy?

This information comes with your House Fairy Resident Certificate.  Additional information is provided in the Great Fairy Manual.

Help! I’ve lost my fairy certificate!

No need to fret! Simply email us, and we’ll happily provide you with a PDF copy of your specific fairy’s Certificate.

Why cant i take my fairy out of its jar? 

House Fairies, unlike wild fairies, contain their magic in a bond they establish with a human household. The humans can benefit from the magic, and in return the fairies power is protected for future fairy generations. House Fairies do not do well in the wild, and seal their powers with a protection spell. Once the jar is opened the spell is broken and may be impossible to fix. A fairy is in danger of losing all its magic if its spells are tampered with.

Are all the fairies female?

No. While many fairies have feminine features and dress like females, many identify with different gender pronouns. Some are gender fluid, trans, and also male. Pronouns are determined on a House Fairy’s Resident Certificate.

Help! My jar fell and broke!

If a jar breaks a House Fairy will lose its magic.  If you wish to regain the magic, their human resident caretaker must send them back to Fairyland by contacting us. From our headquarters, they will be transported back to fairyland where the most powerful of fairies will help restore them. If all goes well, the fairy will be safely returned to its human caretakers.

How are House fairies made?

Each House Fairy is made by the essence of magic and love that resides in everything; from a small animal to a dew drop on a leaf. It is that magic that accumulates and when the time is right the fairy elders cast a spell that brings the House Fairies to life. Each House Fairy’s personality is determined by the type of magic they were created from.  Animal fairies get their magic from their love of animals. Tree fairies get their magic from their love of trees, and so on.

Why did House Fairies come here?

House Fairies are a special kind of fairy. Their magic is so powerful that many dark forces seek to use it for no good. Their special jar homes weren’t enough alone. So it was decided many centuries ago by the great fairy elders, that House Fairies venture to the human realm to protect their good magic. Now safe, house fairies became fascinated with the humans. Over time, House Fairies and humans became friends and created powerful magical bonds that gave Fairyland a burst of strong magic. Humans gained delight from their new fairy friends, and the House Fairies enjoyed their new company. Some fairies even granted wishes for the humans. Overjoyed, it was decided that fairies would continue to befriend the humans and reside in their homes if allowed.

How long does a House Fairy live?

As long as love and magic exist in the world, House Fairies are immortal and will never perish.

Can I give my fairy a different name?

While fairies retain their birth first name, they delight in any nicknames you give themThey also are open to being given a middle name, and take their human residents last name upon entering your humble abode

Where do House Fairies come from?

House Fairies are born from the magic and love that reside in everything around us, from the tiniest dewdrop to the mightiest oak tree.

What does a House Fairy do in their free time?

House Fairies spend their days studying magic, exploring their tiny worlds, and making new friends. They harness their powers. They also enjoy fairy calls back home with their friends from Fairyland, and get information from the fairy elders. Fascinated by the human realm, they may try human activities, such as making smores or taking a bath in a tub. They also love to help their human caretakers with chores and spreading cheer. Each fairy also engages in their own specific interests. For example an animal fairy may play with their animal friend. A tree fairy may learn about saplings. A dessert fairy bake cakes, and so on.

Does my House Fairy get bored or cramped in its little jar?

No! A House Fairy is actually so small normally the human eye can’t even make them out. Using their magic they make themselves bigger when you are around so you can interact with them. However, when you aren’t around, they are so small that their jar is like a massive mansion or theme park! They can do whatever they want in their own magic domains.

Can I talk to my House Fairy?

Absolutely! House Fairies may be tiny, but they have big hearts and love to listen. Share your dreams, fears, and triumphs with them. They’re always there to lend a magical ear. They may even try their best, with their magic, to give you all their luck in to help you with your struggles. Although you cannot hear a House Fairies tiny voice, they hear yours and remember everything you tell them. They implant their voices in your mind through ESP.

I want my house fairy to cast a spell for me!

Each House Fairy has its own magic. And, through the bond of a human, that magic is shared. House Fairies give you inner strength and creativity. They help you imagine new heights, and help you smile on a rainy day. While most House Fairies cant do specific spells for you, they can inspire you and give you inner strength and luck to help you accomplish all your goals and dreams! House Fairies inspire you to look to your own magic inside yourself to never give up on your goals in life. Each House Fairy resident certificate explains that fairies unique magic.

What’s the best way to make my House Fairy happy?

House Fairies thrive on love, kindness, and a dash of mischief. Treat them with care, talk to them often, and maybe leave them a tiny treat now and then, they’ll flutter with joy!  They absorb the essence of all their treats.

Can I take my House Fairy on adventures?

House Fairies prefer the cozy comforts of home, but they love to hear about your adventures! Share your tales with them, and they’ll weave their own magical stories in return.

Can I have more than one house fairy?

Yes! It is believed that House Fairy magic doubles for every House Fairy that resides in your home. However, when adopting another fairy it is important to ensure that each fairy has their own space to work and live in. They’re like tiny roommates who love to spread joy and wonder. Some fairies also enjoy being with other fairies, while others want to be fair away in a separate room from the other House Fairies. To know more about what your adopted fairy prefers, please refer to the Great House Fairy manual.

Help! I’m moving homes!

Don’t worry, as long as a House Fairy’s magic is protected in its jar, a house fairy will gladly move with you to its new residence.

Still have unanswered questions? Email us directly and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.