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House Fairies

About House Fairies

House Fairies are small fairies handmade only about and inch or two big. They are placed in jars that are decorated with their specific personality and magic type. House fairies are inspired by the driftwood fairies made by emily fouchard. House fairies are a new take on fairies. They are fairies that live in a jar that people can adopt. They have their own magic and only live in jars inside human houses.They are also different because of their personal stories of creation and how they help their caretakers. Artworks of each fairy is also provided. House fairies also has unique stories to how they came about and live in the human realm. Each fairy has their own specific name. No two house fairies are made the same for the consumer. Their are different types of fairies and fairy classes as well. Each house fairy is also specified to live in a certain location of the home, and comes with a hook to hang them up in a specified location. It is hoped that they will bring joy to its owners. All house fairy stories are uniquely written.