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Our Team

Our Team

Joanne Fouchard

Co-Partner and Co-Founder of Fouchard Designs Ltd. Skilled in the arts and expressing creative ingenuity. Joanne, an artist all her life has a degree in applied science from Dalhousie University. She has experience working as an artist in residence for the Doctors House Inn and Spa. Her work primarily consists of paintings to be sold and her work has been displayed at Doctors House Inn and Spa, along with The Rooms Museum in St. John’s. John’s. She has worked with most mediums to produce art, both traditionally and digitally. Joanne has fully mastered the digital art programs Procreate and Clip Studio Paint, and has hands-on experience with Photoshop, as well as other known programs. 

Emily Fouchard

With her artistic ability, Emily Fouchard contributes to the designs created for future products. She has experience with many art mediums and trying out new interesting concepts. This will help ensure designs that are new, different, and stand out. Emily has received an undergrad from Medical school, and retired from nursing after a dedicated career in the field. Emily has gained the ability to work quickly and hard under pressure, along with patience and understanding from her work as a nurse. She has previous experience with business planning, clothing design that included fashion shows and her creating and selling locally. Emily has many other valuable experiences such as her involvement with advocacy for the rights with persons with disabilities. She has advocated for improvements within the healthcare system, and schools. She was an Ambassador for A Kids Guide to Canada and help this national grassroots projects gain awareness within schools of NL. She is also the founder of a Facebook site that helps parents of children with disabilities spread awareness and provide a platform of support for advocacy for students, parents and teachers.  Emily is on a couple of government boards: Buildings Accessibility Advisory Board and Accessibility Tribunal. BAAB recently put forth recommendations for legislative changes. First time in 30 years. she volunteered her experience as a consultant in various areas with The Doctor’s House Inn & Spa who instrumental in her support to local visual and performing artists. 

Jerry Byrne

                Jerry received his diploma in Electronics from the College of the North Atlantic in 1971 and Bachelor of Engineering from Memorial University in 1977. Since them he has lived in 43 different places in Canada and the United States. Jerry is a serial entrepreneur. He has served on numerous boards, both private and public sector. He has won many awards, both professionally, and for the companies he created. Twenty-one total, most are still in operation, including 6 in the United States. He has been inducted into the Atlantic Business Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame. He currently operates Giraffe North Consulting Limited which is dedicated to the success of young entrepreneur

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