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Address: 21 Old Hopeall Road Green's Harbour, NL A0B 1X0
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- Est. 2023 -

Why Choose Us

At Fouchard Designs, every piece is meticulously crafted by the artist Joanne Fouchard. We believe what you wear goes beyond mere clothing; it’s a canvas for self-expression. Our goal is for you to feel the essence of artistry every day in our designs. Once you don our creations, they cease to be just garments; they become a reflection of your unique identity. Whether you’re drawn to playful cartoon tees, subtly patterned leggings, or formal wear with a twist, Fouchard Designs offers a range of products to elevate your personal style. We eschew the typical boastful claims of being the best, preferring instead to let our designs do the talking.

Our Vision

Picture yourself wandering through an art gallery, spellbound by the array of pieces gracing the walls. Among them, only a handful truly speak to you, capturing the very essence of your being—your hopes, your emotions, your dreams—in a way that defies words. These rare treasures forge an unspoken connection, resonating deeply within. Yet, owning such remarkable artworks isn’t always within reach for everyone. Likewise, finding clothing that mirrors our individuality can feel like navigating a vast, daunting gallery—filled with challenges and often leaving us empty-handed.

At Fouchard Designs, we aim to blur the lines between clothing and art, empowering individuals to express themselves in ways they never thought possible. If your wardrobe feels lacking, or if you’re yearning to expand your avenues of self-expression, look no further than what Fouchard Designs has to offer. Our collection features a diverse array of meticulously crafted designs, both digitally and by hand, at affordable prices. Each piece exudes its own unique flair, ensuring that every customer discovers their own wearable masterpiece—a canvas through which they can articulate their individuality.

Say goodbye to the bewildering maze of traditional galleries or clothing stores, and embrace a curated selection that truly embodies you. Wear your pride, for you are a walking masterpiece, just like the garments you adorn. Express Yourself with Fouchard Designs.

- Est. 2023 -

How It All Started

Fouchard Designs was first thought of in 2018, while Joanne Fouchard and her mother Emily Fouchard, were exploring possible creative ventures. As a child, Joanne was very interested in expressing herself through artwork. Both art and music have always been a very important part of the Fouchard household.  After years of painting, drawing, and creating digital pieces, Joanne wanted to share her creations with the world. It had always been a dream of Emily’s, to try and open up a clothing store. After some brainstorming, Joanne and Emily decided to bring their creative outlook on the world to life. A clothing and accessories store would be created using original designs developed by Joanne Fouchard. And thus, the company name Fouchard Designs was founded. 

Emily has previous business clothing experience through her ‘Express Yourself’ business plan that she developed several years ago. The business had demonstrated great potential, however, her responsibilities as a young single mom carried her in a different direction. She continued to create clothing for family and commission work. Through their combined interest and passion, the theme of Fouchard Designs was developed. A unique graphic clothing and accessories company formed on the basis of self-expression through art that you wear. All of this was made possible through the ingenuity and artistic creativity flooding through the Fouchard household. It can be found in every stitch of fabric designed with care. After much research, it was decided that an e-commerce site would be the most appealing, and affordable, way forward.  A year later the Fouchard Designs business plan started to take shape.  A drop-shipping company was chosen, design’s finalized, and long term goals developed.