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Yaseek – Faerie Queen of Newfoundland and Keeper of Olden Times


They say that Queen Yaseek was a stowaway on Norseman Erik the Red’s long boat when he left Iceland and discovered Greenland.  She followed his son Lief Thorvaldson (Lief the Lucky) when he followed in his father’s footsteps and discovered Vinland – now known as Newfoundland.   She summoned faeries from all over the Viking world; Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, England and France to come to Newfoundland.

She became imperial queen of all the faeries in 1200 AD after the Great Faerie War where she defeated the Trolls and Goblins and had them banished from her Vinland. After the Beothuks disappeared she became the guardian of the past.  She wanted to make sure that this new world  never be lost.

She collected relics and specimens of the Beothuks, protected the hunters, fishers and explorers and fought off evil spirits and those that would harm the environment.  She swore to protect the past, live in the present and protect all who lived here in the future.

She is still seen in all her forms as she wisps through the forests, floats on air, sings in the night and protects those lost in life.  You may never see her but she is everywhere, all the time.  She may sit on your bed, land on a window ledge, walk beside you, whisper in your ear or lead you home.

Queen Yaseek is a good faerie and will protect all who call to her.   She is one with the forest and streams.

The wood sculpture was created by Emily Fouchard completely out of driftwood given to her by Queen Yaseek one day when she walked along the beach in Hopeall.  She commissioned Emily to create the piece to include important parts of Newfoundland history.  Study the piece and see if you can find:

  • Lief the Lucky’s Compass and Sundial that brought her to the New World
  • Map of the Island of Newfoundland
  • Beothuk Arrow
  • Beothuk Brave and Girl (Hint: Upside down)
  • Exploits River (Home of the Beothuk)
  • Red Indian Lake
  • Viking Longboat
  • Beothuk Canoe
  • Vikings and Beothuk Meeting on the Beach
  • Giant Whale
  • Eagle
  • Fishing Net
  • Fish Houses and Stages
  • Fish Stores
  • Beaver
  • Other Hidden Treasures known only to the Queen and Ms. Fouchard (to be kept secret for 100 years)

So, if you are lost or alone, call to Queen Yaseek.  She will find you and lead you home.

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