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NL Pony Painting

It all started in early 2022 when the Doctor’s House Inn & Spa commissioned myself to do a painting of their NL ponies. I’ve always loved depictions of animals, drawing them since I could remember, but this request happened to be the most special yet. In accepting this job, I was also given the opportunity to raise awareness for the protection of the endangered NL Pony breed through my artwork. What really touched me though was a particular pony’s story, Monty. Monty was one of the rarest NL ponies in existence. His coat changed color four times a year. I wouldn’t have believed the statement if I didn’t see the pictures and change for myself. This particular color changing breed was almost extinct, with only a few left. You could probably count the number with your fingers if you tried. My next question upon learning this information of course, was what had been the action for restoring the breeds numbers. It was then I learned Monty’s previous owner had already neutered him. 

I have to admit, I was furious when I learned a creature so rare could just disappear because of a lack of knowledge of their own existence. Especially when I heard that he had been neutered before even arriving at the Doctor’s House Inn & Spa. But at the end of the day, my biggest skill was talking through my paintbrush. So I threw the fiery emotions into determination to do this piece right. I spent hours on all the details, on each strand of Monty’s temporarily black hair. It was important that the painting would catch peoples eyes. so much so that maybe they would want to learn more about it, and in turn about why Monty is just so special. In the end the hours were worth it, and I had created something I could be proud of. 

The painting (shown above), contains two NL ponies, with the beloved Monty on the right. I hope Monty’s story touched you like it had me. It felt different doing this piece, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. If you want to learn more, I encourage researching the NL ponies and checking out the NL Pony Association. 

Copies of this painting are now available for poster and canvas prints from Fouchard Designs.

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