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Inspiration Can From Anyone or Anything-Even a Cat!

I got Aoife in late January, around the time of my birthday actually. She melted my heart the instant I laid eyes on her; and those cute mittens for paws! Her polydactyl claws (when cats are born with extra claws), looked just like the shape of mittens. Her big blue eyes always make me smile, even when they are used by her to try and get me to give her extra food or attention. She’s very sneaky and clever. But what I loved the most about her is her fiery, curious, and talkative personality. Aoife has no trouble having a conversation with you, even if she hasn’t quite mastered human speak. I loved, and still love, her to bits. She always finds a way to get me up out of bed, even on my most anxious and depression filled days. 


I started doing artwork of her when she refused to leave my comfy lap as I drew her. She was definitely a lap cat.


There was also a time when Aoife grew very sick. The first signs appeared on Easter morning. It was the morning of one of my favorite pictures I captured of her. 

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