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Waves of Empathy: Emily’s Painting Honors Hurricane-Devastated Port aux Basques

Fouchard Designs co-founder Emily is not just an artist, but a beacon of hope and empathy in her com

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From Art Battle Halifax to Fouchard Designs: The Remarkable Journey of Joanne Fouchard

    Joanne Fouchard is a name that’s quickly becoming synonymous with creativity and

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Yaseek – Faerie Queen of Newfoundland and Keeper of Olden Times

  They say that Queen Yaseek was a stowaway on Norseman Erik the Red’s long boat when he left

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The Creative and Artistic Mother/Daughter Duo

    Emily and Joanne: A Mother-Daughter Duo Revolutionizing the Online Fashion Industry. In the wo

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The Gypsy Dragon

  Eons ago dragons ruled the earth. It was before the great flood that extinguished their fire fore

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Inspiration Can From Anyone or Anything-Even a Cat!

I got Aoife in late January, around the time of my birthday actually. She melted my heart the instan

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NL Pony Painting

It all started in early 2022 when the Doctor’s House Inn & Spa commissioned myself to do a

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